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Skyline view of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Our Mission


Dr. Aaron D. Tressler

Born and raised in Greensburg, PA, Dr. Tressler grew up as a lover of all things Pittsburgh! His love for the City of Champions extends beyond rooting for the Steelers on Sunday though. He envisions Pittsburgh to become the healthiest city in America and he won't stop fighting until we are!

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Making Pittsburgh Healthy is designed to educate, inspire and provide practical applications to improve our health in our community, naturally.

The Making Pittsburgh Healthy (MPH) Podcast was created out of the frustration that Dr. Tressler developed as he saw what was happening in our community and Greater Pittsburgh area. The rise of obesity, chronic sickness, heart and lung disease, and dependence on higher levels of pharmaceuticals and surgery as a result of poor health is unacceptable!


Dr. Tressler also saw an exciting opportunity to make a difference in Pittsburgh. His passion for natural health and healing extends back to childhood. Growing up, he suffered with chronic gastrointestinal issues, allergies and sinus problems. And then witnessing his father die from heart disease at age 50, he vowed to never allow this to happen to him and was determined to find an answer.

The mission and goal for Making Pittsburgh Healthy is to provide the community with natural health options. This can extend from chiropractic, fitness and exercise, homeopathy, nutritional support, mental and spiritual health, to supplementation. We need to be aware of what our amazing community offers and the wonderful doctors and professionals we have in the Pittsburgh area.

As we work together, support each other, and learn to improve our health, we can rise up and become the healthiest city in America!

After all, we are the City of Champions!

Become a part of this up and rising community to make the city of Pittsburgh healthier for generations to come.

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